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In here you will find all of the new crap that I've posted!


These are Awesome Artworks done by Awesome Artists!

Commission Info

Please Direct all commission Notes and questions to my commissions account here:

You can also check up on my price list and guidelines there!

Awesome Art of my Charaters done by Awesome Artists out there!


Feel Good by Nina3dgirl
Sexy Love by Nina3dgirl
Nika and Vik by Nina3dgirl
Not Always Vik by Nina3dgirl
Vik by Nina3dgirl
Redhead Goddesses Censored by TITANOSAUR
Vik - Predaguy by harrison2142
Vik has a sword! by TITANOSAUR
Commission-Predaguy by o0-Rock-Leone-0o
Request dump 1-27-15 by EymBee
Lineart commission - Vik Chun Li Cosplay by EymBee
Vik by Lion542
Commission No. 13 by Fiji-Fujii
Vik Vector by TITANOSAUR
Stockings for Vik by TITANOSAUR
Vik by galza
Predaguy's Vik by Tycho-Skies
QTcomics predaguy request2 by QTcomics
Vik, the Mercenary by Negative-Crown-Ent

HotShot Hunters

Commission-Predaguy 4 by o0-Rock-Leone-0o
Commission-Predaguy 3 by o0-Rock-Leone-0o
7-Inch Scale Kashyll Custom Action Figure by Drakhand006
Predaguy an Predagirl - Contest Entry! by harrison2142
HSH Contest Entry - What are you even by By-the-By
my hot shot hunter by Doll-of-Broken-Glass
Contest for Predaguy by IllyDragonfly
2 yaujta  to tango by Doll-of-Broken-Glass
Trade with Predaguy by Cougarmadcat
OMGWTF PREDAGUY by kingminigunner
.: Pour le grand Predaguy :. by Fiji-Fujii
$10-Naomi by Robaato
Predaguy SAVAGE SWORD by DementedInk
Super Benito and Eleazar by Zephonate
Gift for Predaguy by Madam-Sparkz


A Hot Shot Freebie by Robaato


May -Art Trade- by haneMIsaki


Super Weapon Dan by Zephonate


art trade with predaguy by 54v3r


Predaguy and Vik by SabreXT
Commission: Vik,Naomi,Kantra by StudioEffedue


Predaguy's Profile Picture
Roberto Huerta
Artist | Professional | Varied


I'm a Professional Graphic Designer who also practices the noble art of Illustration, Anthropomorphic Drawings & Comic-Making!
I'm also an Amateur Animator and Wannabe Film-Maker.

I work mostly with traditional mediums, but I also dabble into painting digitaly in Photoshop or Vectoring lineworks in Illustrator.

OC Questionnaire Tagged

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 28, 2015, 12:13 PM

1. How many OCs do you have? (post thumbnails here if you feel like it!)

I have 30 OCs in total so far. The majority of which are girls lol

From HotShot Hunters
HOTSHOT HUNTERS - Kashyll Profile by Predaguy Kashyll
Kantra by Predaguy Kantra
Death's WebSite Header by Predaguy Death the Hedgehog
Trish's WebSite Header by Predaguy Trish the Echida
Nih'kou'te by Predaguy Nih'kou'te
Urban Samurai by Predaguy Naomi Ogami
Regina's WebSite Header by Predaguy Regina Juarez
Super Benito's WebSite Header by Predaguy Benito Juarez (Super Benito)
James' WebSite Header by Predaguy James Gate
Eleazar's WebSite header by Predaguy Eleazar
Destiny- Profile by Predaguy Destiny
HEY YOU by Predaguy Grace Graham
Steven's WebSite Header by Predaguy Steven Gate
Erik's WebSite Header by Predaguy Erik the Janitor
Frankie's WebSite Header by Predaguy Frankie "Two-Times"
Ksh-Ao's WebSite Header by Predaguy Ksh-Ao
D'ek'je's WebSite header by Predaguy D'ek'je
H'Kaya's WebSite header by Predaguy H'kaya
Predakid's WebSite Header by Predaguy Kritt

From Sting
Dan by Predaguy Dan - SuperWeapon by PredaguyDan
Sting by Predaguy Sting
May by Predaguy May - SuperWeapon by PredaguyMay
Blaze by Predaguy Blaze
Vik Profile by Predaguy Vik
Korkan by Predaguy Korkan
Zev by Predaguy Zev

Fan Characters
Hicama - Insomnia Sketch by Predaguy Hicama
Zyanya by Predaguy Zyangya

Other Random OCs
Random Sketch by Predaguy Kate Hayes
Cassandra -HotShot Hunters Cap by Predaguy Cassandra
Anthrosaurs - Fem Dilophosaur by Predaguy Ingrid the Dilophosaur
Tiffany in Color by Predaguy Tiffany

2. Do you have a main/favorite OC amongst the ones you created? Who and why?

My main OC is Kashyll, who started of as being an avatar of myself for use in silly comics back in middle school.

But my favorite as of right now is Vik.

Let's get to know your OCs by comparison:

3. Who is the tallest?(feel free to specify height, if you have thought it up)

At 15 feet tall, Zyangya is the tallest of all of them, but she's pretty much a giant lol Of the regular sized folks, Ingrid is the tallest at 6'6". And Ksh-Ao is the tallest of the Yautja at 8'4" tall.

4. Who has the most striking eyes and unique eyes?

As far as unique eyes go, Zyangya has them seeing as she has two pairs of eyes. Sting's eyes are bio-luminescent and glow different colors depending on whatever substance it has absorbed.

5. Who is the strongest? And who is the most intelligent?

Sting is the strongest, since it literally cannot be destroyed through conventional means. The most intelligent is Steven Gate, he's some kind of evil scientist/crime boss.

6. Who has the most beautiful voice?

I rarely think about my character's voices... but if I had to decide on the spot, I would think the one's with the best voice would be either Tiffany, Grace or May since they're the most likely to want to sing something.

7. Who has the most troubled past?

Vik has the most disturbing past, but Kashyll, Kantra, Nih'kou'te and H'Kaya have also suffered through a lot themselves, seeing as they're the only survivors of a war between two Yautja Clans.

8. Who is the most selfless, and who is the most evil/selfish/malevolent/callous?

The most selfless is Super Benito, he has made it his life mission to become a Super Hero and inspire hope in people even though he has no powers. The most evil out of all of them is a toss up between Hicama, Vik and Steven Gate, their main difference are their methods. Hicama is openly evil and extremely violent since she's a Saiyan. Vik is violent too, but can be reasoned with somewhat. Steven Gate is more of a manipulator and is cruel beyond all reason.

9. Who is the most thoughtful and/or erudite?

Naomi is the most reserved and thoughtful.

10. Who is the most impulsive and hot tempered?

Kashyll takes that honor. He prefers to jump into action rather than waste time planning stuff that will probably go wrong anyway.

11. Which of your OCs is the one you consider more revealing about yourself? And what does that OC reveal about you?

Kashyll's personality is basically my own, in all its sarcastic glory, and he pretty much does what I would do if I had the abilities of a Yautja. At least that's what his character started off as and it's been years since I've had the chance to work on him and the HotShot Hunters comic.

12. Finally, tag up to five people from your friends list!

:iconolafbrunson: :iconnina3dgirl: :icontoms-mark: :icontitanosaur: :iconby-the-by:

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Help me choose the order of the Daily Sketches Themes for next week! (weekends are now random themes) 

13 deviants said Marvel Comics
8 deviants said DC Comics
7 deviants said Pirates of Dark Water
4 deviants said Surfing
1 deviant said Image Comics


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